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Prof. G Srinivasan

Professor Cellular Manufacturing Systems, Flexible Manufactu... View Profile

Dr. Saji K Mathew

Professor IT Services, Sourcing, Cloud, IT Usage, Adoption, ... View Profile

Prof. R P Sundarraj

Professor Decision Support Systems, Negotiation Support Syst... View Profile

Prof. M Thenmozhi

Professor Corporate Finance and Strategy, Corporate Valuatio... View Profile

Dr. A Thillai Rajan

Professor Financial Management, Cost Accounting, Venture Cap... View Profile

Dr. Rahul R Marathe

Professor Decision-making under uncertainty, Mathematical an... View Profile

Prof Feroz Ali

Professor Intellectual property laws and Business laws... View Profile

Prof L Prakash Sai

Professor Modelling Technological Change and Managing Innova... View Profile

Prof Arshinder Kaur

Professor Supply Chain Contracts, Supply Chain Coordination,... View Profile

Prof. T J Kamalanabhan

Professor Industrial Psychology, Human Resource Management, ... View Profile

Prof. Arun Kumar G

Professor Corporate Governance, Development Finance, High fr... View Profile

Dr. P Krishna Prasanna

Professor Corporate Governance, Stock Market Analysis, Corpo... View Profile

Prof. R Madhumathi

Professor Financial Accounting, Forex Research, Capital Mark... View Profile

Dr Lata Dyaram

Associate Professor Organizational Behavior, Leadership and Orga... View Profile

Dr Rupashree Baral

Associate Professor Human Resource Management Organisationa... View Profile

Dr Richa Agarwal

Associate Professor Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) C... View Profile

Dr R K Amit

Associate Professor Game Theory, Decision Theory, Operations Research... View Profile

Dr. Usha Mohan

Associate Professor Quantitative Models in Supply Chain Management., C... View Profile

Dr Varisha Rehman

Assistant Professor Food Marketing, Advertising and Brandin... View Profile

Dr Vijayalakshmi V

Assistant Professor 1. Organizational Behavior (specifically Positive... View Profile

Dr Prathamesh Vivek Kittur

Assistant Professor Business to Business Marketing, Sales, Services Ma... View Profile

Dr Vaibhav Chawla

Assistant Professor Role of spirituality and mindfulness in sale... View Profile

Dr Nargis Pervin

Assistant Professor Social Network Mining Recommender Syste... View Profile

Dr Upendra Kumar Maurya

Assistant Professor Brand Management, Entrepreneurship and ... View Profile

Dr Nandan Sudarsanam

Assistant Professor Experimentation Machine learning/ Data ... View Profile

Prof. C Rajendran

Chair Professor Scheduling in Supply Chain, Transportation Problem... View Profile

Prof. Ganesh L S

Retired Professor Project Management, System Engineering, Technology... View Profile