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Prof Shanti Bhattacharya

Professor Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs), Interferometr... View Profile

Prof. K Shanti Swarup

Professor Computer Modeling, Simulation, Analysis of Electri... View Profile

Prof B Kalyan Kumar

Professor Power system modeling, Power system dynamics, Wind... View Profile

Prof. Harishankar Ramachandran

Professor Nonlinear problems in RF and optical systems, Edge... View Profile

Dr Boby George

Professor Capacitive sensors, Magnetic Sensors, Interface Ci... View Profile

Prof. K Sridharan

Professor Algorithms and Architectures for Robotics and Visi... View Profile

Prof. Vinita Vasudevan

Professor Mixed Signal Processing, CAD for Analog Circuits.... View Profile

Dr Deepa Venkitesh

Professor Nonlinear effects in optical fibers, Fiber lasers,... View Profile

Dr Anbarasu Manivannan

Professor Nanoelectronics; Non-volatile memory; Phase change... View Profile

Dr Arun D Mahindrakar

Professor Nonlinear Control with application to Robotics... View Profile

Prof Anjan Chakravorty

Professor Compact modeling of SiGe HBTs, LDMOS Devices, Spir... View Profile

Prof Umesh Srinivasan

Professor Speaker Normalization and Adaptation, Speaker & Sp... View Profile

Prof Bijoy Krishna Das

Professor Silicon Photonics: Passive and Active Waveguide De... View Profile

Prof. Ramanujam Sarathi

Professor Characterization of Electrical Trees in Dielectric... View Profile

Prof. Nandita DasGupta

Professor Silicon and Compound, Semiconductor Technology and... View Profile

Prof. K Giridhar

Professor Co-channel Interference Management, Channel Estima... View Profile

Dr Enakshi Bhattacharya

Professor MEMS processing and sensors... View Profile

Prof Balaji Srinivasan

Professor Thermal stability of Fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) a... View Profile

Prof. Krishna Vasudevan

Professor Sensorless operation of BLDC motor, Algorithm for ... View Profile

Prof. Shreepad Karmalkar

Professor Semiconductor devices; Education... View Profile

Prof. Jagadeesh Kumar Varadarajan

Professor Electrical Engineering, Electrical and electronic ... View Profile

Prof. Anil Prabhakar

Professor Quantum technologies, photonics, magnonics, assist... View Profile

Prof. R Aravind

Professor Voice and Video Coding, Telecom Application of Sig... View Profile

Prof Andrew Thangaraj

Professor Error Control Coding, Information Theory... View Profile

Dr Venkatesh T.G.

Associate Professor Stochastic Modeling, Computer Networks and Compute... View Profile

Dr Mohanasankar S

Associate Professor Medical devices and diagnostics, biomedical instr... View Profile

Dr Sheetal Kalyani

Associate Professor Estimation theory, Special Functions, Robust stati... View Profile

Dr Bharath Bhikkaji

Associate Professor System Identification Modelling and Control of re... View Profile

Dr Nagendra Krishnapura

Associate Professor Microelectronics, VLSI, MEMS... View Profile

Dr Lakshminarasamma N

Associate Professor Power Electronics, Switched Mode Power converters,... View Profile

Dr Krishna Jagannathan

Associate Professor Communications Networks ... View Profile

Dr Arun Pachai Kannu

Associate Professor Information theory, Estimation theory, Wireless co... View Profile

Dr Ramakrishna Pasumarthy

Associate Professor Dynamics and Control Laboratory... View Profile

Dr Uday Kiran Khankhoje

Associate Professor Computational Electromagnetics, Signal Processing ... View Profile

Dr Radhakrishna Ganti

Associate Professor Communications Networks, Wireless Communications a... View Profile

Dr Ananth Krishnan

Associate Professor Sensors, Plasmonics, Microscopy... View Profile

Dr Gaurav Raina

Associate Professor Performance modeling of communication networks, Co... View Profile

Dr. Srikrishna Bhashyam

Associate Professor Communication and Information Theory, Wireless Net... View Profile

Dr. Nitin Chandrachoodan

Associate Professor DSP Architectures, CAD for ICs, VLSI Design.... View Profile

Dr. Srirama Srinivas

Associate Professor Multilevel PWM schemes and analysis, DSP controlle... View Profile

Dr Janakiraman Viraraghavan

Assistant Professor Machine Learning Algorithms on Hardware, Statistic... View Profile

Dr Viswanadha Reddy Puduru

Assistant Professor Control theory, Game theory, Multi-agent systems... View Profile

Dr Rachel Kalpana Kalaimani

Assistant Professor Systems theory and control, Energy systems.... View Profile

Dr Arun Karuppaswamy B

Assistant Professor Grid-Connected Inverters, SMPC and Power Electroni... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Sarvepalli

Assistant Professor Coding theory Quantum algorithms Quantum error-c... View Profile

Dr Debdutta Ray

Assistant Professor Organic semiconductor devices. ... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Sinha

Assistant Professor Theoretical Machine Learning, Online Convex Optimi... View Profile

Dr Saurabh Saxena

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Qadeer Ahmad Khan

Assistant Professor Power Management Circuits and Systems for VLSI, Sw... View Profile

Dr Jayaraj Joseph

Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation, Medical D... View Profile

Dr Shivananju B N

Assistant Professor Electronic Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sudharsanan Srinivasan

Assistant Professor Electronic Engineering... View Profile

Dr Lakshmi Narasimhan

Assistant Professor Signal processing for large-scale and high data-ra... View Profile

Dr Sayak Dutta Gupta

Assistant Professor Device Design, Technology Development, Device Mode... View Profile

Dr Bharadwaj Satchidanandan

Assistant Professor Security, Cyber-Physical Systems, Power Systems, R... View Profile

Dr Kaushik Mitra

Assistant Professor Communications Networks Computational Photography... View Profile

Dr Ramprasath S

Assistant Professor Electronic Design Automation... View Profile

Dr Bhaswar Chakrabarti

Assistant Professor Micro/Nano-Electronics, Neuromorphic computation, ... View Profile

Dr Aniruddhan S

Assistant Professor Analog and RF IC design ... View Profile

Prof. Kamalesh Hatua

Assistant Professor Medium Voltage Electric Drives, Poly phase Inducti... View Profile

Dr Chakravarthy Mathiazhagan

Assistant Professor RF communications,Analog circuits... View Profile

Dr Soumya Dutta

Assistant Professor Centre for NEMS and Nanophotonics... View Profile

Dr Manivasakan Rathinam

Assistant Professor Statistical Modelling in Telecommunications networ... View Profile

Dr Avhishek Chatterjee

Assistant Professor Theoretical studies of dynamics, optimal designs, ... View Profile

Dr Venkatesh Ramaiyan

Assistant Professor Random access protocols Performance evaluation o... View Profile

Dr Krishna S

Assistant Professor Power Electronics, Machines and Drives Group... View Profile

Prof. Amitava Das Gupta

Chair Professor Semiconductor Device Modelling and Technology, MEM... View Profile

Prof. A N Rajagopalan

Chair Professor Data Clustering Using Higher Order Statistics, Ima... View Profile

Dr Shanthi Pavan

Chair Professor Microelectronics, VLSI, MEMS... View Profile

Dr Mansi Sharma

Inspire Faculty Computer Vision, Computational Imaging and Photogr... View Profile

Prof. Ravinder David Koilpillai

Chair Professor 3G/3.5G/4G Cellular and Broadband Wireless Systems... View Profile

Prof Bhaskar Ramamurthi

Professor (HAG) Modulation and coding for Mobile Communications, W... View Profile

Prof. Mahesh Kumar Mishra

Professor (HAG) Power Distribution Systems , Power Quality , Renew... View Profile

Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala

Institute Professor Telecommunications, Computer Networks and Fiber Op... View Profile

Dr Pramitha Vayalamkuzhi

Inspire Faculty Dr. V. Pramitha is a DST-INSPIRE faculty in the De... View Profile

Prof Christopher S

Retired Professor Antenna and Radar Systems... View Profile