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Prof Susy Varughese

Professor Polymers and Elastomeric materials... View Profile

Dr. Sridharakumar Narasimhan

Professor Process systems engineering, Process control, Opti... View Profile

Prof Sreenivas Jayanti

Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fuel cells, Combusti... View Profile

Prof Tanmay Basak

Professor Microwave Assisted Transport, Computational Fluid ... View Profile

Dr Rajnish Kumar

Professor Gas Hydrates (Formation, Inhibition & Recovery) Ca... View Profile

Prof Kannan A

Professor Process Intensification, Food processing, Environm... View Profile

Prof Rajagopalan Srinivasan

Professor Safety, Sustainability & Resilience of Complex Sys... View Profile

Prof R Ravi

Professor Statistical Thermodynamics, Process Control of Int... View Profile

Prof Upendra Natarajan

Professor Computational materials science, Statistical mecha... View Profile

Prof Abhijit P Deshpande

Professor Polymeric materials, ionic polymers, rheology, com... View Profile

Prof T Panda

Professor Process development for Industrial Enzymes, Metabo... View Profile

Dr. R Ravi Krishna

Professor Treatment and Control Processes, Chemical Fate and... View Profile

Prof Jitendra Sangwai

Professor Energy and Environmental Engineering, Carbon Capt... View Profile

Prof P Sesha Talpa Sai

Professor Analysis and Design of Chemical Reactors, Mass Tra... View Profile

Dr. Niket S Kaisare

Professor Micro-reactors; Catalysis; CO2 Capture; Catalytic ... View Profile

Prof Ramanathan Srinivasan

Professor Electrochemistry, Corrosion, Electrodeposition, Im... View Profile

Prof Arun K Tangirala

Professor Fuel Cell Systems Engineering, Process Control &am... View Profile

Dr Vinu R

Associate Professor Biomass conversion to biofuels and intermediates, ... View Profile

Dr T Renganathan

Associate Professor Multiphase Reactors, Computational Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Ethayaraja Mani

Associate Professor Molecular Simulations, Self – Assembly, Stochast... View Profile

Dr. Raghuram Chetty

Associate Professor Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Storage (F... View Profile

Dr Ramnarayanan R

Assistant Professor Solar fuels... View Profile

Dr Sumesh P. Thampi

Assistant Professor Interfacial Fluid Mechanics, Hydrodynamics of comp... View Profile

Dr Jithin John Varghese

Assistant Professor The group's expertise lies primarily in atomistic ... View Profile

Dr Aravind Kumar Chandiran

Assistant Professor Solar cells, Solar water splitting, Carbon dioxide... View Profile

Dr Sankha Karmakar

Assistant Professor Dr Sankha karmakar has joined IIT Madras in 2023 ... View Profile

Dr Himanshu Goyal

Assistant Professor Clean Energy (biofuels & carbon dioxide capture); ... View Profile

Dr Swapna Singha Rabha

Assistant Professor Multidisciplinary Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Nitin Muralidharan

Assistant Professor Next-Gen Batteries. Li, Na Ion and Metal Batteries... View Profile

Dr Tarak Patra

Assistant Professor High Throughput Materials Design, Soft and Nano Ma... View Profile

Dr Swagatika Sahoo

Inspire Faculty Human metabolism, Systems biology, Constraint-base... View Profile

Prof S Pushpavanam

Chair Professor Mathematical Modeling and Simulation, Nonlinear dy... View Profile

Prof Shankar Narasimhan S

Chair Professor Fault Diagnosis and Control, Process Optimization,... View Profile

Prof R Nagarajan

Chair Professor Fine Particle Science & Technology, Chemical Vapor... View Profile

Prof Raghunathan Rengasamy

Chair Professor Fuel Cell Technology, Energy Systems, Systems Biol... View Profile