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Prof Prahallad Padhan

Professor Interface physics in artificial materials such as ... View Profile

Prof Prafulla Kumar Behera

Professor Experimental High Energy Physics, Data analysis, P... View Profile

Prof Harish Kumar N

Professor Superconductivity, Spintronics, Novel magnetic mat... View Profile

Prof Ganesan A R

Professor Adaptive Optics, Vision Science, Laser Instrumenta... View Profile

Prof Sudakar Chandran

Professor Surface, Interface, and Defects controlled Structu... View Profile

Prof Veeturi Srinivas

Professor Experimental condensed Matter Physics, Low tempera... View Profile

Prof Jatindra Kumar Rath

Professor Photovoltaics, Nanomaterials... View Profile

Prof Santhosh P N

Professor Magnetism in Condensed Matter Physics, Electrocera... View Profile

Prof Sankaranarayanan V

Professor Low Temperature Physics, Super Conductivity.... View Profile

Prof S Lakshmi Bala

Professor Classical and quantum dynamical systems, Nonlinear... View Profile

Prof Prem B Bisht

Professor Ultrafast Laser, Optics and Photonics, Optical Par... View Profile

Prof James Frederick Libby

Professor Experimental High Energy Physics.... View Profile

Prof. S Kasiviswanathan

Professor Vacuum tunneling spectroscopy,Surface plasmon reso... View Profile

Dr. P B Sunil Kumar

Professor Soft matter physics, Lipid Membranes, Biological ... View Profile

Prof A Subrahmanyam

Professor Photovoltaics, Photocatalysis, Electrochromics, Bi... View Profile

Prof Markayendeyulu G

Professor Magnetism and magnetic materials ... View Profile

Prof Vijayan C

Professor Solid state physics... View Profile

Prof Suresh Govindarajan

Professor Theoretical High Energy Physics.... View Profile

Prof M V Satyanarayana

Professor Quantum optics, Laser physics, Photonics.... View Profile

Prof K Sethupathi

Professor Super Conductivity and Low Temperature Physics ... View Profile

Prof L Sriramkumar

Professor Inflationary cosmology and the cosmic microwave ba... View Profile

Prof Arul Lakshminarayan

Professor Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Computing, Hamilton... View Profile

Prof Venkatachalam Subramanian

Professor Dielectrics and semiconductors... View Profile

Dr R Nirmala

Associate Professor Condensed Matter, Experiment: Rare earth intermeta... View Profile

Dr M Pattabiraman

Associate Professor Optics and Photonics... View Profile

Dr Mahaveer Kumar Jain

Associate Professor Semiconductor, Photovoltaics, Chemical Sensors ... View Profile

Dr P Murugavel

Associate Professor Dielectric Materials and Microwave Physics... View Profile

Dr Dillip Kumar Satapathy

Associate Professor Self assembly of colloids and surfactants; Swellin... View Profile

Dr Somnath Chanda Roy

Associate Professor Nano-materials for energy and environment, Electro... View Profile

Dr Vidya Praveen Bhallamudi

Associate Professor Condensed Matter Experimental, Quantum sensing and... View Profile

Dr Manu Jaiswal

Associate Professor Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Graphene & ... View Profile

Dr Dillip K Satapathy

Associate Professor Self assembly of colloids and surfactants; Swellin... View Profile

Dr Prasanta Kumar Tripathy

Associate Professor String Theory.... View Profile

Dr. Manoj Gopalakrishnan

Associate Professor Statistical Mechanics, Stochastic processes, Biolo... View Profile

Dr Birabar Ranjit Kumar Nanda

Associate Professor Condensed Matter Theory (Electronic Structure).... View Profile

Dr C V Krishnamurthy

Associate Professor Modeling and simulation of electromagnetic, acoust... View Profile

Prof Aravind G

Associate Professor Photoelectron spectroscopy, Experimental studies o... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Narayanan

Associate Professor Condensed Matter Theory: Quantum Field Theories ap... View Profile

Ms Ipsita Saha

Assistant Professor Physics... View Profile

Dr Prasanta Kumar Muduli

Assistant Professor Physics... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Misra

Assistant Professor Condensed Matter Physics, van der Waals layered ma... View Profile

Dr Basudev Roy

Assistant Professor Experimental soft matter physics, high resolution ... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Singh

Assistant Professor Physics... View Profile

Dr Ravichandran Shivanna

Assistant Professor Physics... View Profile

Dr Raghuveer Garani

Assistant Professor Theoretical Astroparticle Physics, Cosmology, High... View Profile

Dr Siddharth D Dhomkar

Assistant Professor Physics... View Profile

Dr Shantanu Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Condensed Matter Theory... View Profile

Dr Samir Choudhuri

Assistant Professor Physics... View Profile

Dr Parvendra Kumar

Assistant Professor Physics... View Profile

Dr Sivarama Krishnan

Assistant Professor Femto- and atto-second light pulses, Dynamics in n... View Profile

Dr Prabat Ranjan Pujahari

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Aditi Simha

Assistant Professor Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics:Heat Conductio... View Profile

Dr Jayeeta Bhattacharyya

Assistant Professor Spectroscopic study of organic and inorganic semic... View Profile

Dr Dawood Kothawala

Assistant Professor Black hole physics, Quantum effects in curved spac... View Profile

Dr Prabha Mandayam

Assistant Professor Quantum Information and Computing... View Profile

Dr Chandra Kant Mishra

Assistant Professor Gravitational Waves... View Profile

Dr Panchanana Khuntia

Assistant Professor Quantum Materials, Topological Quantum States, Qua... View Profile

Prof Sunil Kumar Palakurissi Balagopal

Professor (HAG) Soft matter and Biological Physics... View Profile

Prof M S Ramachandra Rao

Chair Professor Magnesium, Zinc Oxide, Solar Cells, Diamond Thin F... View Profile

Prof Sundara Ramaprabhu

Chair Professor Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Fuel Cell Technolo... View Profile

Prof Neelima M Gupte

Chair Professor Chaos, Stastical physics... View Profile