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Prof Uday Chakkingal

Professor Metal forming and materials processing, Severe pla... View Profile

Prof Subramanya Sarma Vadlamani

Professor Materials processing, Microstructure-mechancial pr... View Profile

Prof Sampathkumar T S

Professor Nanocrystalline calcium phosphate ceramics, coatin... View Profile

Dr Somnath Bhattacharyya

Professor Materials Science; Metallurgy and Metallurgical En... View Profile

Prof Subramshu Shekar Bhattacharya

Professor Metal forming,Mechanical behaviour of materials,Ma... View Profile

Dr Murty B S

Professor Metallurgical and Materials Engineering ... View Profile

Prof Santanu K Ray

Professor Secondary refining and continuous casting of steel... View Profile

Prof Sundararajan G

Professor Tribological behaviour of metallic materials, comp... View Profile

Prof Sampath V

Professor Shape Memory Alloys/Smart Materials, Composite Mat... View Profile

Prof Sankaran Shanmugam

Professor Development of ultrafine grained dual phase steels... View Profile

Prof. S Ganesh Sundara Raman

Professor Fatigue, Fretting, Fracture Mechanics, High Temper... View Profile

Prof Kamaraj M

Professor Surface Engineering,High Temperature Materials,Wea... View Profile

Prof Ranjit Bauri

Professor Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Friction Stir Processing, ... View Profile

Prof Ravi Kumar N V

Professor Processing and characterization of ceramics, Mech... View Profile

Prof Balasubramanian M

Professor Ceramic & Composite Materials Advanced Ceramic Pr... View Profile

Prof Prathap Haridoss

Professor Carbon Nanotubes, Fuel Cells, Semiconducting Nanom... View Profile

Prof K C Hari Kumar

Professor Computational Materials Science, Computational The... View Profile

Prof Gandham Phanikumar

Professor Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (IC... View Profile

Prof Janaki Ram Gabbita Durga

Professor Welding, Additive Manufacturing, Failure Analysis.... View Profile

Dr Swaminathan Parasuraman

Associate Professor Printed electronic devices Metal oxide based cond... View Profile

Dr Ajay Kumar Shukla

Associate Professor Process modelling, control, optimisations of iron ... View Profile

Dr Lakshman Neelakantan

Associate Professor Corrosion characteristics of engg. materials and c... View Profile

Dr Srinivasa Rao Bakshi

Associate Professor Surface enggineering, Thermal spray coatings and w... View Profile

Dr Sabita Sarkar

Assistant Professor Process modelling/design of multiphase reactor Mo... View Profile

Dr Tiju Thomas

Assistant Professor Applied nanostructures and nanochemistry Device m... View Profile

Dr Satyesh Kumar Yadav

Assistant Professor Physics and chemistry of materials from first-prin... View Profile

Dr Murugaiyan Amirthalingam

Assistant Professor Welding metallurgy Welding processes development ... View Profile

Dr Manas Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Processing of metal foams Structural and mechanic... View Profile

Dr Sreeram K Kalpathy

Assistant Professor Transport processes in colloids and polymers Inte... View Profile

Dr Anand Krishna Kanjarla

Assistant Professor Computational crystal plasticity, Deformation beha... View Profile

Dr Pradeep konda Gokuldoss

Assistant Professor Combinatorial alloy design, Atom probe tomography... View Profile