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Prof Shunmugam M S

Professor Metrology, Manufacturing - gear, BTA machining, re... View Profile

Prof Srinivasan K

Professor Resonant Acoustics, Jet Noise, Active and Passive ... View Profile

Dr. Shankar Krishnapillai

Professor Vibrations, Machine Design, Inverse problems, Opti... View Profile

Prof Shamit Bakshi

Professor IC Engines, Dynamics of droplets and sprays, Compu... View Profile

Dr. Shaligram Tiwari

Professor Thermocapillary Convection, Heat and Mass Transfer... View Profile

Prof Sujatha Srinivasan

Professor Movement biomechanics, Assistive devices, Mechanis... View Profile

Prof Krishna Kannan

Professor Mechanics of filled elastomers, Thermodynamical fr... View Profile

Dr. Chandramouli Padmanabhan

Professor Nonlinear dynamics; Acoustics and Noise Control; M... View Profile

Prof Sushanta Kumar Panigrahi

Professor Development/Manufacturing of advanced materials; t... View Profile

Dr Anand Krishnasamy

Professor Experimental and numerical investigations on low ... View Profile

Dr Sundararajan Natarajan

Professor Computational Mechanics, moving boundary problems,... View Profile

Prof A Seshadri Sekhar

Professor Rotordynamics, Tribology, Vibration, FEM and Compo... View Profile

Dr. Sujatha C

Professor Machine Dynamics, Vehicular Vibration, Acoustics, ... View Profile

Dr. A Mani

Professor Regrigeration and airconditioning,Cryogenic engine... View Profile

Dr. Prakash M Maiya

Professor Absorption systems, Building ventilation, Evaporat... View Profile

Dr. Babu Viswanathan

Professor High speed reacting flows,High performance computi... View Profile

Prof Samuel G L

Professor CAD/CAM, Metrology, Micro Machining.... View Profile

Dr. Srinivasa K Reddy

Professor Power Plant Engineering, Energy and Environment, H... View Profile

Prof Raju Sethuraman

Professor Computational Solid Mechanics... View Profile

Prof Bhamidi V S S S Prasad

Professor Turbine blade cooling,Rotor stator interactions,Se... View Profile

Dr. Raghu V Prakash

Professor Structural Integrity, Fatigue and Fracture Mechani... View Profile

Dr. Arunn Narasimhan

Professor Convection Heat Transfer, Heat Transfer and Fluid ... View Profile

Prof Mallikarjuna J M

Professor Simulation of I.C Engine Processes, Design of I.C ... View Profile

Dr. Vasudevan Raghavan

Professor Droplet Vaporization and Combustion, Combustion Mo... View Profile

Prof Dhiman Chatterjee

Professor Fluid Mechanics, Turbomachines, Cavitation, Micros... View Profile

Dr Balaji Srinivasan

Associate Professor Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence in compressible and hyp... View Profile

Prof Somashekhar S Hiremath

Associate Professor Mechatronic System Design-System Simulation and Mo... View Profile

Dr Abhijit Sarkar

Associate Professor Mathematical formulation and analytical solution ... View Profile

Dr Hariharan K

Associate Professor Sheet metal forming Plasticity Fatigue mechanic... View Profile

Dr Anand T.N.C.

Associate Professor Application and development of various optical dia... View Profile

Dr Piyush Shakya

Associate Professor "Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis,Structural Health M... View Profile

Dr Srikrishna Sahu

Associate Professor Droplet and Spray dynamics: Droplet clustering... View Profile

Dr Parag Ravindran

Associate Professor Constitutive modeling of the thermo-mechanical res... View Profile

Dr Ratna Kumar Annabattula

Associate Professor Mechanics of thin films, mechanics of granular mat... View Profile

Dr Ramkumar P

Associate Professor Field of tribology, including developing new mater... View Profile

Dr Narasimhan Swaminathan

Associate Professor Multiscale modeling of complex phenomenon in a wid... View Profile

Dr Manivannan P. V.

Associate Professor Mechatronics, Robotics, Sensor Network, Automotive... View Profile

Dr Amitava Ghosh

Associate Professor Development of Solid-Lubricant Composite Coating, ... View Profile

Dr Ashis Kumar Sen

Associate Professor Microfluidics, Micro-scale transport phenomena and... View Profile

Dr. Sathyan Subbiah

Associate Professor Machining, abrasive polishing,single point diamond... View Profile

Dr. Prabhu Rajagopal

Associate Professor Ultrasonics for Nondestructive Evaluation, Structu... View Profile

Dr Arvind Pattamatta

Associate Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, Mi... View Profile

Dr Soundarapandian Santhana Krishnan

Assistant Professor Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), (2) Experime... View Profile

Dr Sourav Rakshit

Assistant Professor Multibody dynamics, Robotics, Biomechanics, Optimi... View Profile

Dr Varunkumar S

Assistant Professor Thermo-chemical conversion of biomass and coal for... View Profile

Dr Ravikiran Sangras

Assistant Professor Mechanics, Robotics... View Profile

Dr Sivasrinivasu Devadula

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sateesh Gedupudi

Assistant Professor "Experimental investigation and modeling of flow b... View Profile

Dr Anuj Kumar Tiwari

Assistant Professor My research in swarm networks aims to develop mode... View Profile

Dr Advaith Sankar

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering ... View Profile

Dr Vimal Edachery

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering ... View Profile

Dr Manish Anand

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering ... View Profile

Mr Kiran Raj M

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Raushan Singh

Assistant Professor Solid Mechanics, Mechanics of Slender Structures, ... View Profile

Dr Pallab Sinha Mahapatra

Assistant Professor Surface engineering and wettability patterning, Op... View Profile

Dr Shyama Prasad Das

Assistant Professor Unsteady Hydrodynamics and aerodynamics, Heat and ... View Profile

Dr Krithika Narayanaswamy

Assistant Professor Development of chemical kinetic schemes to describ... View Profile

Dr Viswanath K

Assistant Professor Turbomachines... View Profile

Dr Mayank Mittal

Assistant Professor Diagnostics and modeling of internal combustion e... View Profile

Dr Arunachalam N

Assistant Professor High Performance Manufacturing... View Profile

Dr Vishal V. R. Nandigana

Assistant Professor Electrokinetics; Electrochemical Characterization... View Profile

Dr Kameswararao Anupindi

Assistant Professor "Computational Fluid Dynamics,Biomedical fluid flo... View Profile

Dr Manoj Pandey

Assistant Professor The computational mechanics and nonlinear dynamics... View Profile

Prof Balaji Chakravarthy

Chair Professor Free convection and radiation heat transfer,Design... View Profile

Dr R Gnanamoorthy

Chair Professor Damage Tolerant Design, Surface Engineering, Failu... View Profile

Prof Sarit Kumar Das

Chair Professor Nanofluids, nano-biotechnology, multiphase flow in... View Profile

Dr. G Venkatarathnam

Chair Professor Cryocoolers, Compact heat exchangers, LNG, Refrige... View Profile

Prof Krishnan Balasubramanian

Institute Professor Ultrasonics and Acoustics, Structural Health Monit... View Profile

Prof N Ramesh Babu

Chair Professor Grinding, Uncoventional machining processes LBM, A... View Profile

Dr T Sundararajan

Chair Professor Heat Transfer, Spray Combustion, Reacting Jets, CF... View Profile

Dr. A Ramesh

Chair Professor Alternative fuels,Improvement of two-stroke engine... View Profile