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Prof. Sudhir Chella Rajan

Professor Automobility, Political theory and the environment... View Profile

Dr. R Swarnalatha

Professor Ecocriticism, American Literature.... View Profile

Prof. Malathy Duraiswamy

Professor Labour Economics, Economics of Human Resources Edu... View Profile

Prof. N Sreekumar

Professor Philosophical & Phenomenological Hermeneutics, Phi... View Profile

Dr. K Srilata

Professor Creative Writing Theory and Pedagogy, Indian Liter... View Profile

Dr. Rajesh Kumar

Professor Language Teaching; Language in Education; Sociolin... View Profile

Dr. Aysha Iqbal

Professor Film Studies, Drama, American Literature, Popular ... View Profile

Dr. S P Dhanavel

Professor American Literature, British Literature, Indian Li... View Profile

Dr. Jyotirmaya Tripathy

Professor Culture Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Gender Studi... View Profile

Dr Anup Kumar Bhandari

Associate Professor Production Economics, Productivity and Efficiency ... View Profile

Dr Roland Wittje

Associate Professor History of the physcial sciences and engineering o... View Profile

Dr Subash Sasidharan

Associate Professor Foreign Direct Investment, Trade and Technology, A... View Profile

Dr. Suresh Babu M

Associate Professor Applied Macroeconomics, Industrial Economics, Trad... View Profile

Dr Satya Sundar Sethy

Associate Professor Philosophy of Language, Analytical Philosophy, Pro... View Profile

Dr Sonika Gupta

Associate Professor Political change in China, Minority Issues in Chin... View Profile

Dr. P Sudarsan

Associate Professor Social and Political Systems, Civil Society, India... View Profile

Dr. Milind Brahme

Associate Professor German Language,Translation Studies, Comparative S... View Profile

Dr. John Bosco Lourdusamy

Associate Professor History of Science, Science and Religion, Science,... View Profile

Dr. Solomon J Benjamin

Associate Professor Global Suburbanisms, Indian and Chinese Urbanisms,... View Profile

Dr. Prema Rajagopalan

Associate Professor Sociology of Science & Technology, Sociology o... View Profile

Dr Vipin P. Veetil

Assistant Professor Agent-based Computational Economics, Monetary Eco... View Profile

Dr Sabuj Kumar Mandal

Assistant Professor Energy and Environmental Economics, Ind... View Profile

Dr Aditya Kolachana

Assistant Professor History of Science... View Profile

Dr Kalpana K

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Krishna Malakar

Assistant Professor Ecological Economics... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Kumar Kujur

Assistant Professor Economics... View Profile

Dr Pramod Kumar Naik

Assistant Professor Economics... View Profile

Dr Hemachandran Karah

Assistant Professor Life-writing, Comparative Musicology, Disability S... View Profile

Mr Deepak Paramashivan

Assistant Professor Music... View Profile

Mr Umasankar Patra

Assistant Professor Modernism... View Profile

Dr Mathangi Krishnamoorthy

Assistant Professor Anthropology of Work, Globalization, Virtuality, A... View Profile

Dr Divya A

Assistant Professor 19th-Century English Fiction and Visual Cult... View Profile

Dr Avishek Parui

Assistant Professor Medical Humanities, Memory Studies, Modernism,... View Profile

Dr Anindita Sahoo

Assistant Professor Linguistic Typology, Syntax, Indian ... View Profile

Dr Merin Simi Raj

Assistant Professor Historiography and Modernity studies, Memory Studi... View Profile

Dr Tabraz SS

Assistant Professor International Relations Theory, Conflict Res... View Profile

Dr Joe Thomas Karackattu

Assistant Professor Economic interdependence and conflict,Sino-Indian ... View Profile

Dr Santhosh Abraham

Assistant Professor Sociology of Medicine Psychiatry and Me... View Profile

Dr Santhosh R

Assistant Professor Religion,Islamic activism, womens question, sectar... View Profile

Prof. V R Muraleedharan

Chair Professor Healthcare economics, History of Healthcare in Ind... View Profile