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Prof Veezhinathan Kamakoti

Director Software aspects of VLSI design, Cluster computing... View Profile

Prof Balaraman Ravindran

Professor Machine learning, Reinforcement learning, Social N... View Profile

Prof Jayalal Sarma

Professor Structural and Computational Complexity theory, Ci... View Profile

Prof Madhu Mutyam

Professor Computer Architecture, Multicore/Manycore Systems,... View Profile

Prof. Hema A Murthy

Professor Speech Processing, Speech Synthesis and Recognitio... View Profile

Prof N S Narayanaswamy

Professor Theoretical Computer Science, Graph Theory and Com... View Profile

Prof. P Sreenivasa Kumar

Professor Data Warehousing, Associative Rule Mining, Paralle... View Profile

Dr Deepak Khemani

Professor Artificial Intelligence... View Profile

Prof. C Chandra Sekhar

Professor Speech Processing, Artificial Neural Networks, Ker... View Profile

Prof. Sukhendu Das

Professor Computer Vision: Image processing and pattern reco... View Profile

Prof. Dharanipragada Janakiram

Professor Building large scale software systems focusing on ... View Profile

Dr V Krishna Nandivada

Associate Professor Compilers, Program Analysis, Programming Languages... View Profile

Dr Raghavendra Rao B. V.

Associate Professor Structural aspects of Arithmetic and Boolean Circu... View Profile

Dr John Augustine

Associate Professor Distributed Algorithms, Optimization Algorithms, C... View Profile

Dr Shankar Balachandran

Associate Professor Computer Architecture, High Performance Computing,... View Profile

Dr Manikandan Narayanan

Associate Professor Bioinformatics, Computational network biology, Sys... View Profile

Dr. Sutanu Chakraborti

Associate Professor Broadly in computational models of language, memor... View Profile

Dr. Anurag Mittal

Associate Professor All areas of Computer Vision, with special interes... View Profile

Dr Kartik Nagar

Assistant Professor Automated Formal Verification, Program Analysis, ... View Profile

Dr Arun Rajkumar

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Rank Aggregation, Statistical Le... View Profile

Dr Sivaramakrishnan K C

Assistant Professor Programming models, Compilers, Static Analysis, Sc... View Profile

Dr Rajsekar Manokaran

Assistant Professor Theoretical Machine Learning, Constraint Satisfact... View Profile

Dr Ayon Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Mobile systems, Wireless sensing... View Profile

Dr Chandrashekar Lakshminarayanan

Assistant Professor Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Stochastic ... View Profile

Dr Aishwarya Thiruvengadam

Assistant Professor Cryptography, Security, and Privacy... View Profile

Ms Akanksha Agrawal

Assistant Professor Parameterized Complexity, Computational Geometry... View Profile

Dr Chester Rebeiro

Assistant Professor Hardware security, Applied cryptography, Side chan... View Profile

Dr Nishad Bharat Kothari

Assistant Professor Graph theory, Matching theory, Combinatorial Optim... View Profile

Dr Pratyush Kumar

Assistant Professor Cyber Physical Systems, Machine Learning.... View Profile

Dr Mitesh Khapra

Assistant Professor Deep Learning, Multimodal Multilingual Processing,... View Profile

Dr Shweta Agrawal

Assistant Professor Cryptography and Information theory ... View Profile

Dr Prashanth L A

Assistant Professor Reinforcement Learning, Stochastic Optimization, M... View Profile

Dr Rupesh Nasre

Assistant Professor Compilers, Parallelization. ... View Profile

Dr Vasudev Yadu

Assistant Professor Algorithms, especially Sub-linear Algorithms and C... View Profile

Dr Meghana Nasre

Assistant Professor Graph theory, Algorithms, Matching with preference... View Profile

Dr Harish Guruprasad Ramaswamy

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Learning Theory and Optimisation... View Profile

Prof. Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam

Chair Professor Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Optical Netw... View Profile

Prof. C Pandu Rangan

Chair Professor Applied Mathematics, Algorithms,Parallel and Rando... View Profile

Prof C Siva Ram Murthy

Chair Professor Wireless networks, lightwave networks, real-time s... View Profile