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Prof C V R Murty

Director Modeling Nonlinear Behaviour of Structures, Earthq... View Profile

Prof. B Nageswara Rao

Professor Computational solid/fracture mechanics, finite ele... View Profile

Prof S T G Raghukanth

Professor Natural Hazards, Risk Assesment, Wave Propogation,... View Profile

Prof G Appa Rao

Professor Fracture Mechanics of Concrete Applications, Reinf... View Profile

Prof Amlan Kumar Sengupta

Professor Modelling of reinforced concrete (RC) panels under... View Profile

Prof. P Alagusundaramoorthy

Professor Analysis and Design of Advanced Composite Structur... View Profile

Prof Saravanan Umakanthan

Professor Computational Mechanics, Condition Monitoring, Con... View Profile

Prof Arul Jayachandran S

Professor Advanced design methods for cold formed steel stru... View Profile

Prof. S R Satishkumar

Professor Design of Steel Structures hot-rolled, cold-formed... View Profile

Prof Gitakrishnan Ramadurai

Professor Dynamic Traffic Assignment Transportation Networ... View Profile

Dr Dali Naidu Arnepalli

Professor Stabilization of geomaterials using chemical, elec... View Profile

Prof. A Veeraragavan

Professor Pavement Maintenance and Management, Forensic Inve... View Profile

Dr. J Murali Krishnan

Professor Pavement Engineering Material, Characterization, S... View Profile

Prof Lelitha Devi Vanajakshi

Professor Traffic Flow Modeling, Intelligent Transportation ... View Profile

Prof. R G Robinson

Professor Soft clay engineering, Physical modelling, Ground ... View Profile

Prof Karthik K Srinivasan

Professor Civil Engineering, CAD, Structural Engineering... View Profile

Prof K P Sudheer

Professor Hydrologic Modelling, Stochastic Hydrology, Hydrol... View Profile

Prof Satyanarayana Kalidindi N

Professor Contruction Equipment, Construction Productivity, ... View Profile

Prof. Koshy Varghese

Professor Automation in Construction, Planning Fast Track a... View Profile

Prof. A Boominathan

Professor Machine foundations, Ground improvement, Field dyn... View Profile

Prof. G R Dodagoudar

Professor Seismic hazard and risk assessment, Reliability an... View Profile

Prof. Manu Santhanam

Professor Supplementary cementing materials for concrete, Mi... View Profile

Prof Meher A Prasad

Professor Earthquake engineering,Solid dynamics,Machine foun... View Profile

Dr. Benny Raphael

Professor Optimisation, Machine learning, Computer aided eng... View Profile

Prof. K Srinivasan

Professor Stochastic Modeling of Hydrologic Processes, Optim... View Profile

Prof S M Shiva Nagendra

Professor Air pollution modelling- deterministic, stochastic... View Profile

Dr. Balaji Narasimhan

Professor Modeling the impact of landuse and climate change ... View Profile

Prof Indumathi Manivannan Nambi

Professor Ground water - Contaminant fate and transport, Rem... View Profile

Dr Radhakrishna G Pillai

Associate Professor Development of corrosion test methods for st... View Profile

Dr Ashwin Mahalingam

Associate Professor Public Private Partnerships IT in Construc... View Profile

Dr T Thyagaraj

Associate Professor Unsaturated soil behaviour, Ground improvement tec... View Profile

Dr Rupen Goswami

Associate Professor Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures Nonline... View Profile

Dr Subhadeep Banerjee

Associate Professor Soil Dynamics Centrifuge and shake table testing ... View Profile

Dr Sachin S Gunthe

Associate Professor Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Aerosol-cloud-p... View Profile

Dr Mathava Kumar S

Associate Professor Water and Wastewater Treatment by AOPs ... View Profile

Dr V. B. Maji

Associate Professor Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical engineering ... View Profile

Dr Arun Menon

Associate Professor Structural Safety of Historical Monuments Seismic... View Profile

Dr Alagappan Ponnalagu

Assistant Professor Blast and ballisitic resistant structures, ... View Profile

Dr Phanisri Pradeep Pratapa

Assistant Professor Computational Engineering, Mechanics of Materials,... View Profile

Dr Tarun Naskar

Assistant Professor Wave Propagation in Elastic Media, SASW/MASW, Be... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Kannan K

Assistant Professor Experimental Geo-mechanics, Constitutive behavior... View Profile

Dr Sivakumar Palaniappan

Assistant Professor Planning and control of construction project... View Profile

Dr Venkatraman Srinivasan

Assistant Professor Groundwater modeling, Contaminant transport, Eco... View Profile

Dr Venu Chandra

Assistant Professor Experimental Hydraulics & Sediment Transport... View Profile

Dr Atul Narayan

Assistant Professor Constitutive modeling Bituminous materials Visco... View Profile

Dr Lakshmi Priya P S

Assistant Professor Stability of Steel Structures, Fire Engineering ... View Profile

Dr Soumendra Nath Kuiry

Assistant Professor Computational open channel flow - river flow... View Profile

Dr Chandan Sarangi

Assistant Professor Aerosol-cloud-climate interactions, Impact of cli... View Profile

Dr Aslam Kunhi Mohamed

Assistant Professor Molecular Modeling Of Cementitious Materials... View Profile

Dr Subbarao Pichuka

Assistant Professor Hydroclimatology & Hydrological Extreme Climate Ch... View Profile

Dr Chandrasekhar Annavarapu Sri

Assistant Professor Extended Finite element method Computational fract... View Profile

Dr Nikhil Bugalia

Assistant Professor Safety Management, Infrastructure Policy... View Profile

Dr Tanushree Parsai

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Dr Keerthana Kirupakaran

Assistant Professor Structural Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sreeparvathy Vijay

Assistant Professor Hydroclimatic extremes, Design of hydrometeorolo... View Profile

Mr Murali Jagannathan

Assistant Professor Construction and Building Technology... View Profile

Dr Mohanakrishnan Logan

Assistant Professor Energy, Environment And Climate Change... View Profile

Prof. Ravindra Gettu

Chair Professor Effective use of superplasticizers in concrete, Be... View Profile

Prof. Devdas Menon

Chair Professor Towers and bridges, Structural reliability, Struct... View Profile

Prof N Raghavan

Professor of Practice ... View Profile

Prof. S Mohan

Chair Professor Civil Engineering, Fluid mechanics, Hydraulics, Wa... View Profile

Prof K Ramamurthy

Chair Professor Sustainable Building Technology, Foam Concrete and... View Profile

Prof. B S Murty

Chair Professor Open channel flows & Free Surface Flows, Sediment ... View Profile

Prof Ligy Philip

Chair Professor Bioremediation of contaminated soils, air and wate... View Profile

Prof. S R Gandhi

Chair Professor Pile Foundation, Ground improvement, Field Instrum... View Profile

Prof Elango Lakshmanan

Visiting Faculty Hydrogeology, Groundwater modelling, Hydrogeophysi... View Profile

Prof K Ananthanarayanan

Retired Professor Project Planning and Control, Resource Scheduling,... View Profile