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Prof N Narasimha Murthy

Professor Bioinorganic and Inorganic Chemistry, Spectroscopy... View Profile

Dr. Mangala Sunder Krishnan

Professor Theoretical Spectroscopy: High Resolution Molecula... View Profile

Dr. Dillip Kumar Chand

Professor Supramolecular Chemistry.... View Profile

Dr. G Sekar

Professor Organic Synthesis, Asymmetric Synthesis, Catalysis... View Profile

Dr. Parasuraman Selvam

Professor Nanostructured Materials and Heterogeneous Catalys... View Profile

Prof Upadhyayula V Varadaraju

Professor Chemistry/Inorganic Solid State Chemistry and Mate... View Profile

Prof Debashis Chakraborty

Professor Synthetic Organ metallic Chemistry Directed toward... View Profile

Dr. R Dhamodharan

Professor Polymer Chemistry - Green isolation of chitin from... View Profile

Dr. Sundargopal Ghosh

Professor Organometallic and Metalloborane Chemistry.... View Profile

Prof K Vidyasagar

Professor Inorganic Chemistry... View Profile

Prof N Chandrakumar

Professor Magnetic resonance spectroscopy and Imaging.... View Profile

Prof Archita Patnaik

Professor Colloid and Interface Chemistry.... View Profile

Prof Bhyrappa P

Professor Bioinorganic and Supramolecular Chemistry, Materia... View Profile

Prof Indrapal Singh Aidhen

Professor Synthesis of Biologically/Medicinally important mo... View Profile

Prof Ranga G Rao

Professor Surface chemistry and spectroscopy, Solid state el... View Profile

Prof Sanjay Kumar

Professor Computational Modeling of Organic reactions & thei... View Profile

Prof Ramesh L. Gardas

Professor Chemical Thermodynamics, Fluid Phase Equilibria, I... View Profile

Dr. Edamana Prasad

Associate Professor Aggregation in macromolecules and its impact on th... View Profile

Dr. K M Muraleedharan

Associate Professor Medicinal and Bio-organic Chemistry.... View Profile

Dr. Rajakumar Balla

Associate Professor Atmospheric Chemistry & Combustion processes, ... View Profile

Dr. Arti Dua

Associate Professor Statistical Mechanics of Complex Fluids, Stochasti... View Profile

Dr Beeraiah Baire

Associate Professor Organic synthesis ... View Profile

Dr Jeganmohan Masilamani

Associate Professor Organic synthesis ... View Profile

Dr Pazhamalai Anbarasan

Associate Professor Organic synthesis... View Profile

Dr Amrendra Vijay

Associate Professor Quantum Many-Body Theory: Strongly Correlated Elec... View Profile

Dr Kothandaraman Ramanujam

Associate Professor Clean Energy Systems... View Profile

Dr Kartik Chandra Mondal

Assistant Professor Main Group Chemistry and Molecular Magnetism... View Profile

Dr Venkatakrishnan P

Assistant Professor Functional Organic Materials ... View Profile

Dr Soumen Ghosh

Assistant Professor Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Krishna Reddy Nandipati

Assistant Professor Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Md Mahiuddin Baidya

Assistant Professor Organic synthesis... View Profile

Dr Palaniselvam T

Assistant Professor Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Sudam Dawande

Assistant Professor Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Hema Chandra Kotamarthi

Assistant Professor Biochemistry... View Profile

Dr Sooraj K

Assistant Professor Reactions at the interface with applications to en... View Profile

Dr Yamijala S R K Chaitanya Sharma

Assistant Professor Physical Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Arnab Rit

Assistant Professor Organometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Hom... View Profile

Prof M.V. Sangaranarayanan

Chair Professor Stastical mechanics,Mathematical modelling,Intefac... View Profile

Prof Pradeep Thalappil

Institute Professor Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials, Ice... View Profile

Prof S Sankararaman

Chair Professor Synthetic and physical organic chemistry.... View Profile

Prof Ashok Kumar Mishra

Chair Professor Fluorescent molecular probes for micro- and nano-s... View Profile

Prof Sundarababu Baskaran

Chair Professor Development of new strategies in Organic Synthesis... View Profile