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Prof T S Chandra

Professor Molecular Microbial Diversity in compost ,vermicom... View Profile

Prof G K Suraishkumar

Professor Reactive Oxygen Species in an engineering context ... View Profile

Prof Anju Chadha

Professor Enzyme Mechanisms, Biocatalysis, Biosensors, Biodi... View Profile

Prof Mukesh Doble

Professor Biostatistics and Six Sigma, Bioreactors, Drug Des... View Profile

Prof Guhan Jayaraman

Professor Metabolic Engineering and Systems Biology, Recombi... View Profile

Prof Rama Shanker Verma

Professor Stem Cell Biology, Tissue Regeneration, Immuntoxin... View Profile

Prof Sanjib Senapati

Professor Computational Biophysics, Structure Based Drug Dis... View Profile

Prof K Subramaniam

Professor Developmental biology-control of self-renewal and ... View Profile

Prof. S Mahalingam

Professor Molecular pathogenesis of HIV, Tumor Biology.... View Profile

Prof. V Srinivasa Chakravarthy

Professor Pattern Recognition, Computational Neuroscience, C... View Profile

Prof Sathyanarayana N Gummadi

Professor Bioprocess development for production of industria... View Profile

Prof Amal Kanti Bera

Professor Structure function relationship of ion channels, G... View Profile

Prof A Gopala Krishna

Professor G-Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR) mediated signal ... View Profile

Prof Nitish R Mahapatra

Professor Cardiovascular Genetics, Gene Regulation, Function... View Profile

Prof K. Chandraraj

Professor Biomass Conversion to Fuel-Ethanol, Functional Oli... View Profile

Prof M Michael Gromiha

Professor Discrimination of membrane proteins based on struc... View Profile

Prof Suresh Rayala

Professor Cancer Biology – Oncogenes and tumor suppressor ... View Profile

Prof Madhulika Dixit

Professor Endothelial Dysfunction, Endothelial Inflammation,... View Profile

Dr. N Manoj

Professor Protein Structure and Function, Structural Bioche... View Profile

Dr. R Baskar

Associate Professor Pattern formation in cellular slime molds, Mutatio... View Profile

Dr Smita Srivastava

Associate Professor Applied Biotechnology... View Profile

Dr. Venkitasamy Kesavan

Associate Professor Design and synthesis of novel privileged chiral li... View Profile

Dr Himanshu Sinha

Associate Professor Systems Biology, Quantitative traits, Transcriptom... View Profile

Dr Karthik Raman

Associate Professor Metabolic network analysis Computatio... View Profile

Dr Vignesh Muthuvijayan

Associate Professor Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering... View Profile

Dr Naganathan Athi N.

Associate Professor Experimental Characterization of Protein Confo... View Profile

Dr Murugan R

Assistant Professor Random walks and jumps in Biology Kinetics of DNA... View Profile

Dr Hamsa Priya Mohana Sundaram

Assistant Professor Bio-molecular simulations Multi-scale m... View Profile

Dr Vani Janakiraman

Assistant Professor Tuberculosis, Infection Biology... View Profile

Dr Nirav Pravinbhai Bhatt

Assistant Professor Bioprocess Control and Optimization, Analysis of B... View Profile

Dr Shantanu Pradhan

Assistant Professor Hydrogels, Tissue Engineering, Microfabrication, M... View Profile

Prof. Karunagaran Devarajan

Professor and Former Head Mechanisms of Apoptosis activated by anticancer ag... View Profile