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Prof Sunetra Sarkar

Professor Uncertainty quantification, Unsteady aerodynamics ... View Profile

Prof Mahesh Sivasambu

Professor Solid mechanics, fracture mechanics, plasticity an... View Profile

Dr Luoyi Tao

Professor Continuum Mechanics and its applications (fluids, ... View Profile

Dr S R Chakravarthy

Professor Fuel Cells, Combustion, Energy Conversion.... View Profile

Prof H S N Murthy

Professor Solid mechanics, tribology, fatigue and fracture, ... View Profile

Dr R Velmurugan

Professor Impact Mechanics, Composite Materials, Nano-materi... View Profile

Prof A Sameen

Professor Stability, Transition and Turbulence Computational... View Profile

Dr. M Ramakrishna

Professor Numerical Methods and Computer Solutions.... View Profile

Dr. P A Ramakrishna

Professor Combustion, Propulsion, Energy Conversion.... View Profile

Dr. Rajesh G

Professor High-Speed Flows - Ballistics - Shockwaves... View Profile

Dr. Amit Kumar

Professor Fluid-Thermal science and Engineering.... View Profile

Dr. K Bhaskar

Professor Structural Mechanics, Composite Structures, Elasti... View Profile

Dr. Nandan Kumar Sinha

Professor High-Angle-of-Attack Aircraft Flight Dynamics, Adv... View Profile

Prof T.M Muruganandam

Professor Combustion, Stabilisation, Blowout dynamics, Optic... View Profile

Dr Manikandan Mathur

Associate Professor Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Lagrangian Coherent St... View Profile

Dr Senthil Murugan

Assistant Professor Multi-disciplinary problems of Flight Physics & Ap... View Profile

Dr Shyam Keralavarma

Assistant Professor Solid mechanics Computational materials modeling ... View Profile

Dr Bharath Govindarajan M

Assistant Professor HAMSTR, HYDRA, Brownout, HELIX, Clustering, Algori... View Profile

Mr David Kumar

Assistant Professor Aerospace Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sriram Rengarajan

Assistant Professor Experimental Fluid Dynamics, High Speed Flows, Sho... View Profile

Mr Prashant Rawat

Assistant Professor Aerospace Engineering... View Profile

Dr Devaprakash Muniraj

Assistant Professor I work on problems related to dynamics and control... View Profile

Dr Aswathy Surendran

Assistant Professor Aerospace Engineering... View Profile

Dr Santanu Ghosh

Assistant Professor CFD of High-Speed Flows, Immersed-Boundary Methods... View Profile

Dr Pravendra Kumar

Assistant Professor Aerospace Engineering... View Profile

Dr Shankar Ghosh

Assistant Professor Hypersonic Flow Simulation, Turbulence, Nonequilib... View Profile

Dr Shantanu S. Mulay

Assistant Professor Structural Mechanics Group, Continuum Mechanics, L... View Profile

Dr Ranjith M

Assistant Professor Aerodynamics and Flight Mech, Helicopters Unmann... View Profile

Dr Joel George M

Assistant Professor Flight dynamics. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): ... View Profile

Dr Satadal Ghosh

Assistant Professor Path planning, and Guidance, navigation and contro... View Profile

Prof Raman I Sujith

Chair Professor Acoustics, Combustion Instability, Optical Flow Di... View Profile

Prof P Sriram

Chair Professor Composites, Fatigue and Fracture, Vibrations.... View Profile