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Prof R Rama

Professor Mathematical Methods, Approximation Theory, Comple... View Profile

Dr Thamban M Nair

Professor Applicable Functional Analysis: Spectral Approxima... View Profile

Prof V Vetrivel

Professor Topics in nonlinear analysis- nonsmooth analysis a... View Profile

Prof Sanyasiraju VSS Yedida

Professor Numerical Analysis and Numerical Linear Algebra Ac... View Profile

Prof Satyajit Roy

Professor Boundary layer theory... View Profile

Prof Ponnusamy Saminathan

Professor Geometric Function Theory, Harmonic mappings, Spec... View Profile

Prof Arindama Singh

Professor Singular Perturbation,Knowledge Compilation... View Profile

Prof Radha R

Professor Harmonic Analysis, Wavelets, Sampling theory, Oper... View Profile

Prof Chidella Srinivasa Rao

Professor Non-linear Differential Equations.... View Profile

Prof S Sundar

Professor Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation, Nu... View Profile

Prof K. C. Sivakumar

Professor Functional Analysis and Mathematical Programming... View Profile

Prof Usha R

Emeritus Professor Bio-fluid mechanics... View Profile

Dr Arya Kumar Bedabrata Chand

Associate Professor Fractals, Fractal Interpolation Functions, Approxi... View Profile

Dr A V Jayanthan

Associate Professor Commutative Algebra... View Profile

Dr Kalpana Mahalingam

Associate Professor Theory of Computation: DNA Computing, Theory of Co... View Profile

Dr Manam SR

Associate Professor Differential and Integral Equations, Wave-Structur... View Profile

Dr Shaiju A J

Associate Professor Systems and Control Theory, Game Theory... View Profile

Dr Shruti Dubey

Associate Professor Mathematical study of ferromagnetic systems... View Profile

Dr Sounaka Mishra

Associate Professor Combinatorial Optimization, Approximation Algorith... View Profile

Dr Arijit Dey

Associate Professor Algebraic Geometry ... View Profile

Dr Balaji Ramamurthy

Associate Professor Linear Algebra and Optimization ... View Profile

Dr Santanu Sarkar

Associate Professor Cryptology ... View Profile

Dr Neelesh Shankar Upadhye

Associate Professor Applied Probability ... View Profile

Dr Kunal Krishna Mukherjee

Associate Professor Operator Algebras , Physics and Astronomy... View Profile

Dr Sarang Sharad Sane

Assistant Professor Algebra, Affine Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic K-th... View Profile

Dr Priyanka Shukla

Assistant Professor Fluid Mechanics: hydrodynamic instability; Nonline... View Profile

Dr Anoop Thazle Veetle

Assistant Professor Partial Differential Equations... View Profile

Dr Narayanan N

Assistant Professor Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Graph Ideals ... View Profile

Dr Sriram Balasubramanian

Assistant Professor Functional Analysis ... View Profile

Dr Suhas Jaykumar Pandit

Assistant Professor Geometric Group Theory, Low dimensional Topology ... View Profile

Dr Sumesh K

Assistant Professor Operator Algebra/Operator theory ... View Profile

Dr Soumen Sarkar

Assistant Professor Algebraic Topology, Geometric Topology, Differenti... View Profile

Dr Dipramit Majumdar

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sivaram Ambikasaran

Assistant Professor Numerical Linear Algebra, Scientific Computing ... View Profile

Dr Uma V

Assistant Professor Algebraic Topology, Algebraic Geometry... View Profile

Dr Venkata Balaji T E

Assistant Professor Complex Algebraic Geometry, Moduli Spaces ... View Profile

Prof Sudhir Hanmantrao Kulkarni

Retd. Professor Functional Analysis and Numerical Analysis Banach ... View Profile

Prof P Veeramani

Retd. Professor Fixed Point Theory and Applications, Game Theory a... View Profile